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Pocket PC GetAsyncKeyState C#.Net

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Hi.. I''ve been learning for use on a Pocket PC 2002...(uses .net compact framework) On This Site he talks about using GetAsyncKeyState for detecting arrowkeys... Its declared as:
private static extern int GetAsyncKeyState(int vkey);
But Im not able to get it to detect if any of the hardware arrowkeys are down, I believe that Left is 37, Up is 38, Right is 39, and Down is 40...because thats what his enum had.
//in a loop
if (GetAsyncKeyState(38) != 0)
   //This is not reached when i press up...why!?
This is what Im apparently supposed to do, but it doesnt work...argh Can anyone help with this? Thanks, Lord Hen

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Could it be that Im using the VS.NET 2003 Pocket PC Emulator?

I wont be getting my pocket pc for a few days(shipping...argh) I cant exactly test it on a real device.

If anyone would try this out on both the emulator and the actual device, it would be greatly appreciated =)

psuedocode of what im doing:

if (GetAsyncKeyState(left) == Pressed)
//notify of keypress: msgbox, label, etc
//end loop

Lord Hen

Edit: OK, I got my pocket pc and getasynckeystate DOESNT work on the emulator, but it works like a charm on the actual device. Im sorry, I should have waited until I actually got it.

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