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A new Demo and Engine to test :)

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Hy everyone ! Last time i''ve posted some of my work. (http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=141520) It was a scriptable game engine, and I''ve created a demo with it. What I did was, script a demo to my engine. I''ve recieved some criticism, but didn''t give up. I''ve worked hard, and added some of the features I was suggested. Here it is, this time with a whole lot of new effects. It is still not complete, and the Demo is probably just as booring as last time, but I still want to hear a LOT of critics, and suggestions, on what I should do next, based on what you see ! So, here it is ! (sorry about the long list of files, but my server allows only 255 Kbytes of data per file) http://robi.go.ro/upload/hh2.part01.exe

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I took the time to download each file is only 255k not to bad apart from the fact it didnt work

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This topics exists here too, and there is just one file to download ! (Someone hosted it for me !)
Go Here

Not working ? What kind of pc, windows, etc do you have ?
It should run on a Win98 with Dx8 and a 3d accelerator.
Alsi it can be started under winXp, but it won''t render correctly...

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I''ve seemed to have run into the same problem here doesn''t run on my machine p4 1.8Ghz Geforce 4 card. I get a Runtime message error.


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