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I have some little game (quiz) created in QBasic and I want to put it on the net (this site) so that other people can see it. How to do that?? P.S. I think it''s called hyperlink. If not... sorry.

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I don't know if this thread is in the right forum but ..

If you have uploaded your file to a server, you create a link:

 < a href = "completefilename" >click here< / a > 

except without the spaces.

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Using FTP, of course. Ask the server owner for username/password, you usually need them when publishing stuff.

BlueEbola, that tag should work with spaces also, html ignores whitespace inside tags

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I think he wants to upload it on the GDnet server. Sorry buddy, you can't. There used to be a section for this but it's been long closed. You have a few other options though:

1) Create an account at a free webhosting service (e.g geocities). You won't get a lot of space and bandwidth but it's a start.

2) Get out your wallet and buy webspace. My old site cost me $4,95 a month for 1 gig transfer and 100 mb space + PHP and MySql. I've upgraded since to iPowerWeb which I highly recommend. 20 gig transfer, 500 mb space, 300 pop emails, PHP, MySql, ASP, FrontPage for only $7,95 a month.

3) Look for a gamedev member called IcarusIndy. He offers regular members without a server some room to put their stuff on

4) Make your own computer a webserver. Very easy. Just go to Apache and install their webserver. The downside is that your PC needs to be online for us to get your game, so this is only an option if you have Cable or ADSL or something like that.

After that, just post a link in the forums :-) Hope this helps.

EDIT: Or ofcourse:
5) Contact Myopic Rhino (Dave) and say pretty pretty please while sectretly offering him a large bribe

Sander Maréchal
[Lone Wolves Game Development][RoboBlast][Articles][GD Emporium][Webdesign][E-mail]

GSACP: GameDev Society Against Crap Posting
To join: Put these lines in your signature and don't post crap!

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If you email it to be I will put it on my site (providing you make the source available)


Submission details can be found here: http://www.codeinthewhole.com/submit.php

Email to: contact@codeinthewhole.com


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