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questions reguarding engine design...

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Hiya Im working on my first game engine right now and although its primarely for learning reasons, I plan to add quite a lot to it. Some things such as doors, lifts, AI and various other things will have a script attached to them that you will be able to edit and add to. This will be an extreme case however because I plan to add most things that you would need to script in a properties menu. In this menu you will have a list of major settings for systems such as collision, movement, display, lighting etc. All objects will use the same properties manu so it will be up to the designer to edit the correct ones. Question 1: Should all objects use the same properties menu... it seems to be the best idea to me. Basicly this is where my questions come from. Question 2: For one thing, for the properties in hardcode, there will be several classes that all have different booleans and such (the same as the properties) all of these classes are then added to the main actor class then in turn, all sub classes automaticly have access to them. Anyways, now should I simply make a script interface for these classes or should they use a basic file loading system instead of scripted? And Question #3: Is it best to have the base class call a global function such as "DisplayAllObjecs( )" or should you just use it such as... CActor *g_actorlist = new CMesh( ); In the second, all you would have to do is in the mesh class have a function for loading data... CMess::CreateNew(char *classname, vector3 pos, vector3 rot etc) { CActor pActor; if(classname == "player") { pActor = new CPlayer( ); } etc... g_ActorList.push_back(pActor); } Well, got to go. Thanks VERY MUCH!!! ~yodaman

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