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How to cancel the host enumeration process properly?

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Ok, here I go again... As SDK states, that to enumerate a host, in case of peer2peer case, use the funtion as follows. I did, it work. Fine, no problems.
	if( !FAILED( hr = m_pDP->EnumHosts(&dpAppDesc,             // pApplicationDesc m_pHostAddress,         // pdpaddrHost m_pDeviceAddress,       // pdpaddrDeviceInfo NULL, 0,                // pvUserEnumData, size 4,                      // dwEnumCount 0,                      // dwRetryInterval 0,                      // dwTimeOut NULL,                   // pvUserContext m_pAsyncHandle,         // pAsyncHandle DPNENUMHOSTS_SYNC) ) )  // dwFlags

But, as u can see that, there is a DPNENUMHOSTS_SYNC, in the last paramter. So, the operation get sync and if it takes longer time, then the peer enumerating, must have to wait, until it completes. Now, I wanted to change it, like to cancel the request, if the user want. Then SDK states that use CancelAsyncOperation(...), to cancel the operation. Now, since I''m new to directplay, I would like to ask a couple of questions about that. How to make this EnumHost(...) run asynchronously, like I only find 3 possible flags for the the last paramter, but none of them told me how to run it asynchronously. I tried this, CancelAsyncOpertion(...) with EnumHost(...), along with the DPNENUMHOSTS_SYNC flag in it, it worked, but then it showed another wiered behaviour. Like, if I cancel the the enumeration process, then when I try to close the application, it just froze, no errors, nothing, just froze, when I debug, then I found that the control goes to the IDirectplay8Peer::Close(), but after that, it just stuck there. Any help in this matter will be highly appricated and thanx in advance. Regards, Ejaz.

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