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How many bytes in a megabyte?

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Original post by dagarach
Not since 1998.

Since then, there have been 1000000 bytes in a megabyte and 1000 bytes in a kilobyte.

Yup, and 1024 meters in kilometer.

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1024 metres in a kibimetre.
1000 metres in a kilometre.
1024 bytes in a kibibyte.
1000 bytes in a kilobyte.

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Then how come my computer's hard drive like everyone elses computes using a base 2 to multiple powers of ten to show hard drive space. How come when an adveriser says a hard drive at "80 Gigabytes" I notice it is closer to "75 Gigabytes"? Surely it is plain to see computers don't use base 10 computation and that the OP was correct in his assertion.

EDIT: I see your point Dagarach, you are correct also, its just that no one seems to fall in line with it.

Here is an excerpt from a website glossary:

kilo- (k-) [2]
in measuring the memory of a computer, the prefix kilo- often means 2^10 = 1024 instead of 1000. By a 1998 resolution of the International Electrotechnical Commission, the new prefix kibi- (Ki-) should replace kilo- for 2^10. However, this doesn't seem to be happening. ROOFLES!!

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