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Maja has been recognized as a real project !!

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just visit the page: As you''ll see, the project is recognized by the official OpenGL ARB site as a real project. Its main goal is to provide a complete game engine, sets of tools and objects to develop 3d real-time games. The main dead-lines are: objectivity, genericity, efficiency, effectivity, granularity, portability, ... However if you feel interrested to contribute (the project needs many helps and regards), write me at: "" or any of my other addresses at tuxfamily. At this time, my core engine is almost designed and at least 66% implemented. I am currently writting a better multi-thread support. Any contribution from design, 3d programming (OpenGL only), audio programming (OpenAL), system programming (core, multi-thread, window management), W32 programming (for portability), Gtkmm programming (for some tools apps) and any other ideas will be considered. Even if the page does not say it''s a freeware, it''s just because the project is young yet: I''ll not provide sources in the website for months. The license will be GPL. best regards, Fratt

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