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Mod tracker with fruity loops like interface??

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jakerrz    122
I have been looking all over the net for a mod tracker that has a nice GUI like fruity loops. I don''t like the way all the mod trackers I have seen work. They all have those columns that you have to type in the notes/effects. And they all read the notes from top to bottom which i find very counter intuitive. I want a program that you can sequence the patterns in a similar fassion as in fruity loops. If anyone knows of such a program please let me know

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JulienNevo    122
Hi !

Well, you know, a tracker without column isn''t a tracker anymore ! However, if you didn''t already download it, get Renoise, best tracker ever. Pretty nice interface, and extremely powerful. So I think your question doesn''t have any answer...

Trackers allow a very precise control of what''s happening in your tracks, even Cubase-like tools don''t allow that.

Sorry, perhaps I wasn''t very useful to you .

Julien Nevo
Musician for your games

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