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RTS and Graphics Question

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Razza2003    122
Im thinking about making an RTS but I have a few problems, if you could answer any of them it would be great :-) 1. I dont have a clue where to start with graphics, Ive used allegro once before, and it wasn''t bad. I just had a crazy thought about making it ASCII... anyway, how should I go about the graphics part of it, do you have any good resources relating to this that don''t need VC++, im currently using dev-cpp. 2. Is there any good resources avaliable related to the creation of an RTS engine. 3. Ummm.. any other information that you think I could benifit from :-) Thanks for any help.

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ACAC    122

If i were to develop a RTS style game heres what id do:

1) Create a terrain generator..maybe using heightmaps, or make an editor inwhich you can create a terrain. Make it look cool with multitexturing and such.

2) Once you have a decent terrain engine ( inwhich the RTS units would move around on ) You can then start playing around with collision. Add some units and make them move around keeping ontop of the land.

3) If your happy with that then add flexablity to your terrain engine. Allow it to have objects like and stuff. You could even make it so dependent on the slant of the terrain it used a different texture ( for mountainous looking areas ).

4) Youve got units..a terrain engine..The rest is pure fun hehe

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