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Coordinates irrespective of display mode?

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Hi just wondering... How can i scale some logical coordinates to map on to my display mode. I mean i am working with a logical coordinate system that is always 1000x1000 i.e the point (1000,1000) will always be the bottom right of the screen no matter what the physical display mode is. No i am a little dumb when it comes to scaling values but how could i scale this to a physical value, depending on the actual display mode. For the above point again 1000,1000 would map to 800,600 if the display mode was 800x600 but 1024,768 if the display mode was 1024x768. Any help welcome Thanks.

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You could do int actual_x = int(((float)x/1000.0f) * (float)screen_width); All that casting perhaps isn't necessary, but I think it would give you a better result (at the very least, it's more readable). And the same formula should apply to the y axis. Note that this is going to be very slow if you're trying to plot any significant number of coordinates per frame. I've always found it easier to base all my measurements off of the current display size, instead of making a "virtual" display.

Edit - Added some more parentheses.


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