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Questions for Crystal Interactive CEO

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just going to answer the 3rd one

if you are underage you will need your legal guardian to sign all the contracts for you (unless you live in some countries (like portugal) that you can sign any contract if your 16+

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Hi Muzzafarath,

Thanks for your questions. I''ll answer them one by one:

1) We will include Sweden again in August at the latest. After our takeover by Nutridata we need time to get back to speed with international distribution. In Scandinavia there will be 1 chain of stores having an exclusive from August onwards.

2) You get a few complementary copies of the retail version of your game in box or jewel case.

3) Akura is right. We require you to be at least 18. If you''re not you can always have a parent or legal guardian co-sign it.

4) Our range starts at $9.95 in North America. But for other countries we have been known to lower the price a bit in order to better compete with local publishers operating in the same segment. The $9.95 - $19.95 price range is called budget. Anything from $19.95 - $29.95 is mid price and $29.95 - higher is full price. We operate in all 3 segments of the market.

Take care,


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