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Hiya I have seen this all around the net and ive probably even read about it before and forgot, lol. Anyways, what exactly is noise? I read a post where some one said "add noise to the blending to add realism" my first thought was that it was simply adding randomly colored pixels to the blending (in that case), am I right at all? If I am right about "adding random pixels" im sure you would then make an algo which would make different desings with the pixels...? Owell, a simply google search should bring it up, but I have no time left to do so...lol. Thanks and Cheers! "boom nam ma ne om en ima" - Korn

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Pull the RF/UHF lead out of an old TV - see the fuzz, that''s noise (of sorts).

A bad signal when your antenna is off, that''s noise.

The hiss on a non-digital tape, that''s noise.

1) Things like cameras etc aren''t perfect, they introduce artefacts into the image they view/reproduce. Some of those artefacts like lens flares are commonly put into graphics. Things like HDR are going some way to emulate a few more such as bloom. Resolution artefacts could be classed as noise.

2) The real world isn''t made of pefect shiny plasticine. It has lots of dirt and damage etc

3) The human eye isn''t perfect - many people have a certain amount of blindness. Smoke, grit etc affects clarity of vision etc

Our perception of what''s "right" expects a few of the above. Adding noise to a scene isn''t the correct thing to do, but does make the final image "look" more natural. - i.e. you''re adding some imperfections - which the brain expects. They might be the wrong imperfections, but it''s better than none at all.

In programmability terms, do a Google for "Perlin"

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