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Max far clip plane distance?

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JONSKI    122
I haven''t tested it, but judging from the spec you are limited to the accuracy of a GLdouble. Basically, the largest value of GLdouble.

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Sander    1332
Yes. It''s insanely large. Don''t use it. The further away your far clipplane is, the further you will see. True. But you will loose a lot of resolution because the same 16 (or was it 32?) bits of depth have to be used for a far longer distance. If you set it too high you will get a lot of rendering artifacts. Just try it. Get one of NeHe''s demo''s (like tut10: level loading) and set the fa clipplane to 10000.0f or 100000.0f and see what happens. Most common suggestions:

Near clip plane: Always 1.0f or bigger. Never below 1.0f.
Far clipplane: Depends on your needs but don''t go bigger that 1000.0f. Personally I use 100.0f or 300.0f. Works fine.

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