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help please, intro and end won't come up

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Hi everyone, just finished the book I''m doing, and when I run the game the intro screen doesnt come up, the countdown doesnt come up, but when i press ''N'' to start a new game, the blocks come up, the paddle comes up and ball and it goes ( its like the game Break Out, with the paddle and you hit the ball and the ball destroys the blocks..). so it loads everything but the cool intro screen, this is how i loaded it...is it right?: /* Load support images */ mrRGBAImage kTempImage; kTempImage.LoadFromBitmap ("Graphics/splash.bmp"); m_kReadyGo.LoadFromFile ("data/readygo.txt"); m_kReadyGo.SetPosition (320,200); m_kReadyGo.SetSize (0,0); m_kReadyGo.SetColor (255,255,255,255); m_kScore.LoadFromFile ("data/numbers.txt"); m_kSplash.Create (&kTempImage); kTempImage.LoadFromBitmap ("Graphics/complete.bmp"); m_kGameComplete.Create (&kTempImage); kTempImage.LoadFromBitmap ("Graphics/menu.bmp"); m_kMainMenu.Create (&kTempImage); m_kBallABO.LoadFromFile ("data/ball.txt"); m_kBallABO.SetColor (255,255,255,255); m_kBallABO.SetSize (10, 10); then they are used like: /* Render the game */ void btGame::Render (void) { /* Render appropriate state */ switch (m_eGameState) { case btGameRunning: RenderFrame (); break; case btGameLostBall: RenderLostBall (); break; case btGameSplash: RenderSplash (); break; case btGameMenu: RenderMenu (); break; case btGameLevelStarting: RenderLevelStarting (); break; case btGameComplete: RenderComplete (); break; } } and this is the definition of splash and the menu (which arent showing up): /* Render the splash screen */ void btGame::RenderSplash (void) { m_kSplash.Render (NULL); } /* Render the menu */ void btGame::RenderMenu (void) { m_kMainMenu.Render (NULL); } i dont think they should be NULL, but what should they be then? or is that right? thanks so much everyone, i really would like to get it all working great. thanks so much, -mitch

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DO don''t show your loading routines and render routines, maybe there can be something there..

Petter Nordlander

"There are only 10 kinds of people in the world. The who understand binary and those who don''t"

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