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GDArena Executable Update 8/8/03 - 3:30AM EST

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Get it at This is a major update:
  • Changes to the bot interface. If you have an existing bot, you will need to use the BotGen to generate your bot again and merge your existing code into the newly generated bot. Changes to the interface include:
    • Cleaned up the interface to get rid of old code/ideas that remained for no particularly good reason
    • Removal of QueryInterface() from bot class and use of this pointer in an effort to allow cross-compiler compatibility. I have not tried it with another compiler, though.
    • Added the QueryBotVersion() and QueryCoreVersion() exports. QueryBotVersion may be used by an external tool, such as the recently developed launcher, to retrieve the bot's version number, which is set by the bot programmer. QueryCoreVersion is used by the arena executable to verify that the bot is using the correct interface.
    • Added ReleaseBotInterface() for arena executable use to cleanup bot class object instead of ReleaseInterface() in bot class (to match loss of QueryInterface())
    • Cleaned up iCore.h.
  • Fixed line of sight defect where obstacles were not hiding the enemy bot properly. This now works very well. Trees and rocks do not hide other trees and rocks - only enemy bots.
  • Fixed line of sight defect with walls. The perpendicular implementation is now working properly.
  • Grenades can now be fired at a faster rate.
  • Grenades cause more damage more consistently.
  • Grenade lifespan reduced from 8.0 seconds to 4.0 seconds.
  • All grenade randomness has been removed (velocity and yaw randomness). Grenades are thrown at a constant 4.0 units/second at the pitch angle specified by the programmer.
  • Rocks now stop bullets (not grenades). Rocks do not disrupt visibility.
  • "Molotov cocktails" are now strictly called "grenades". As a result, the WEAPON_COCKTAIL constant is now WEAPON_GRENADE in iCore.h.
  • More trees and more rocks litter the arena. 16 trees and 10 rocks.
  • Pressing F10 now also shows the collision circles around rocks and trees. Other debugging aids may be added in the future (LOS-type aids).
  • Fixed timing issues.
  • The bot generator, BotGen, now creates a folder with the bot source code and project files when you generate a bot (SampleBot must still be in the same folder).
  • Fixed winner declaration at end of match where one bot would be declared winner even when both bots have 0 health. What has not been fixed:
  • objDirection is not fully functional (objDirection is the direction your enemy is facing) I think that's everything. Don't forget that you will need to convert your existing bots to use the new bot template code. If you do convert your bot, and your bot used to work prior to converting to the new bot interface, then you did something wrong. As for the arena executable, there are still some improvements that I want to include, but right now I need everyone to keep testing the current baseline. Thanks for your feedback, everyone! *** Edit - The file has been updated. ***

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