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Graphic design help needed...

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Hi, I am currently developing a Pengo clone (something like Pac Man only you can kill the ghosts by moving blocks around), and I would like to have "sweeeeeeeet" hero sprites. -- Look at Bubble Bobble and I guess you''d know what I mean: Aren''t Bub and Bob just sweet? Now, I don''t want to simply copy those sprites (after all, it has to be something original), but I am thinking of comic-style figures (dragons or penguins or turtles or donkeys or dogs or whatever...). The problem?! You guessed it, I suppose: I can code programs, but I cannot (not at all) draw anything! Since this program is going to be only a free-ware project, I am not able to offer anything (except my gratitude and of course a big line in the end-credits). So here''s my call to all the artists out there: Could anybody please help me? Just drop me an e-mail or post here (details follow then). Thanks in advance, Beren

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Oooups... *shame on me*

You know, before I posted, I scanned the forum topics and did not see the visual arts one... AFTER you replied, I still needed about five minutes to find it... I think I need glasses

Anyway -- thanks, will try the visual arts forum...
Blindfolded me...


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