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Magic Card

The new style of RTS

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I''ve been somewhat working on a real time strategy game. However instead of just building, fighting, and conquering, you try to actually create a space city (okay, so it''s somewhat of a SIM game, but you still fight and conquer). The city has buildings from Command Centers to Torture Chambers, Cantinas to Museums. Educational buildings will increase characters'' IQ so they fight faster and can sense when enemies are approaching. Military buildings can either train troops and allow you to build vehicles and/or buildings, and some can even take hostages, like Jail or its higher form Torture Chamber where the opposite player would have to give info to the other player to get his troops back, or maybe the other player doesn''t want to! Who knows? Also, I''m going to allow 1st person views for any character, enemy or ally. When you set first person view to ally, you can control what they do. When you set it to enemy, you can see what he''s up to. Also, I''m allowing multiple weapons per character. Are these good ideas? Here''s a screen shot: Top quality games don''t kick ass as well as these. Prepare to be blown away! ------------------------- Magic Card

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That''s looks cool. I love RTS games like Starcraft, Comand and conquer, Home world, etc.

I like the way you can control the character.

Dade 11

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