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Yet another question about OGL Game Prog book

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Sorry about asking so much about it but I was just wondering if the source code compiled with Dev-C++(4 or 5)? Edit:Erm sorry about that (>_<) (just woke up). I was wondering if the OpenGL Game Programming Book source code compiled with Dev-C++ 4 or 5. [edited by - Soccerman4 on August 9, 2003 10:57:26 AM]

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It was not as easy as I expected to compile the final project. Here is my list of issues encountered:

*inline must precede other specifiers
*files must end with newline character
*typeinfo.h is not standard - use typeinfo (and be certain to qualify type_info or "using std::type_info;")
*stdlib.h is not standard - use cstdlib
*iostream.h is not standard - use iostream
*WinMain should be defined to return int

Another gotcha is in DirectX: you'll have to download the DirectX 8 package and use the project settings to point the compiler to the appropriate directories (Of course you'll also have to specifically link with OGL and DX, but that's constant everywhere). Special notes on using DX for DC++:

*In dmdls.h, I encourage you to replace "#ifndef MAKE_FOURCC" with "#ifndef MAKEFOURCC". This should eliminate any conflicts over that macro.
*You may also need to "const IID GUID_NULL = {0,0,0,0};" in audiosystem.cpp
*in winmain.cpp, place "#define INITGUID" before "#include <windows.h>"

Here's a list of libraries that should allow you to link just about every demo:
-ldinput8 -ldsound -lopengl32 -lglu32 -lwinmm -lole32

DirectX 8 for MinGW package


//email me.//zealouselixir software.//msdn.//n00biez.//
miscellaneous links

[edited by - zealouselixir on August 10, 2003 1:32:35 AM]

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