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VC++ DialogBox()

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I created the proper resource.rc file with an about box which contains: one edit box called IDC_EDIT1, one OK and one CANCEL button. I''d like to get the value entered in the edit box after pressing on ''OK''. I open the edit box with the following instruction: nret=DialogBox(hInstance, (LPCTSTR)IDD_ABOUTBOX, hWnd, (DLGPROC)About);

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in your About callback function - intercept the WM_COMMAND message and put this...


if ( LOWORD( wParam ) == IDOK )
char text[ 1024 ];

GetDlgItemText ( hwnd, IDC_EDIT1, text, sizeof(text) );

return FALSE;

with that code, the text entered will be in the variable "text". If you need to get the number of characters so you can dynamically allocate the array - do this..

int bytes = SendDlgItemMessage ( hwnd, IDC_EDIT1, WM_GETTEXTLENGTH, 0, 0 );

char * text = new char [ bytes + 1 ];

hope that helped!

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