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test and suggestions

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im adding editing options to my terrain, so im curious how easy the controls are to understand/use and especially what kind of function or "helper" people would like to have. initially i wanted to ask about how to get that damn fading right when drawing, but as usual, the moment you try to explain it for the question you find it out yourself ,-) so.. this requires a card with register combiners and 4 texture units (gf3 and better). a short explanation: when you paint on the terrain you actually paint to the base-texture. the way im blending means that extreme colorvalues can override those details. the controls: 3 sliders for r,g,b, one slider for texture weight, 3 previews (color, texture, both). below are controls for brush size, opacity and fading. pnt is paint and pck is color picking, left button is rgb, right is texture weight. load and save just dump/get the current texture as 4 channel raw. im most interested in ideas what to add/change/remove (theres still room for more controls, though its not supposed to be a photoshop for 3d painting, as cool as it might be). the look will change, once done there will be items and another "page" for editing the terrain/heightmap. the transparent walls mark the editable part (the surrounding sectors would just be shown to check how well they fit together), occlusion culling is disabled per default, as is sector loading and the view distance is higher. the readme includes the keys for all that (except sector loading). oh, the middle mouse button will give you the cursor. http://festini.device-zero.de/downloads/dzlsedit.zip

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