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Another** "small" pissing thing I wanted to say a long time ago (but was too busy) - when I want to make an isometric game - WHY THE @%^*@ do I need to use 3D software such as OpenGL which limits the graphics usage a lot when I could do this easily with 2D software? When I saw the way how people do their isometric engines, I was VERY diappointed. It''s shit to make isometric engine that way: preload the damned textures, draw the @$#% triangles, texturize them, ..., etc,..., apply lightning,...,etc,... (to be continued). It looks more like they''re doing another 3D engine (although in more complex form - isometric). And what if I want to make just a small animated logo to be resized bilinearily to full-screen by hardware? Do I need to put two triangles and then preload 20Mb of logo animation to video memory and then texturize triangles??!!! They say Window uses hardware accelerated routines for all API functions - when I use alphablending from their buggy msimg32 - it gives about 4-8 FPS in 800x600 16 bit mode (and it''s not bilinear). Great hardware acceleration! Microsoft impressed me since their great Windows 95 (when I couldn''t convince myself to install it for years, using old Win 3.11 for Pentium 75). [personal note: sorry for saying shit in these hard times - I hope the government crap of dividing the company will not succeed]. **see PowerGraph perfomance thread I know there''s no use of my post - just what I wanted is to open a discussion on this topic to make me (and/or others) to feel better (or maybe worse). Greetz Lifepower P.S. Sorry for bad language here - there''re many reasons you know...

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Well, i guess you know my take on it, hardware acceleration in some 2D functions should of been included way back in the late DX5 early DX6, the videocards had the features ready

The problem is that MS wants to dictate what technology for us to use, they want us to move everything to 3D, well, i still enjoy coding 2D games and there is a market for them.

Having said that, the DX8 beta DOES have a couple of new accelerations for 2D, will MS keep them in the final release ? I''m crossing my fingers.

There''s also OpenML ( if it ever comes out ), since it''s going to be used for everything ranging from 3D simulations to real time live video manipulation ( 2D hardware accel effects ), sound, networking .. etc, that should be a sweet alternative.
They want to keep the simplicity of OpenGL''s syntax and extend it to those other areas. I''ll keep my good eye on that lib that''s fer sure.

but i want those alternatives now .. heheh.


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I''m aware of these libraries. Moving everyone to 3D: this is good idea for Microsoft since they won''t have to bother themselves doing 2D stuff anymore (this way economy some more thousand bucks) but for programmers - everyone who not only makes games, but presentations and stuff like that will have to move to 3D. They should know that if they move everyone into 3D scene - using Direct3D WILL NOT be preferable (at least in my case).
Another thing about acceleration: in DX6 there''s hardware acceleration for blitting images (fastblit). You see - if you use CPU to *BLIT* images - it''s fast as hell even without any hardware. In fact, blitting the huge image on 1024x768 screen goes at 85 FPS here (P3 733Mhz, 133Mhz bus, vsync on). My point is that making hardware acceleration for 2D blit was kinda cheating, however making acceleration for resize, blend and other effects could speed things up, but it wasn''t implemented (and I''m sure it is NOT implemented now in DX8 beta).

- Arcane Lifepower -

"Although the world would call me free
Each day the more her slave am I
For in her very way to be
There''s I don''t know what, I don''t know why"

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