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Blurring textures

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AN_D_K    158
Is there any way to blur textures in DirectX?I have a skybox running (the DirextX example one) but it''s looking very pixellated. I''ve seen it done in other peoples examples so is there some method I can use?

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RapidStunna    122
The problem with using linear texture blending on skyboxes is that the pixels at the end of your texture become dark. This is because it's trying to blend with pixels outside the texture, which by default must then be 0. So in result, when you use a skybox with linear textures you see darker areas around the edjes.

To fix this, You should extend your quads in all directions for each side so that the user doesn't see the bordering. You can also enlarge your texture and copy the outlining pixels to create a border of them.

Edit: It's possible you won't have this problem. This was just with my experiences...

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