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Mouse driver

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Some time ago I started working on a mouse driver (for my little OS). One that installs itself in int 0x33 and provides mouse services to other DOS programs. Thinking that PS/2 mice are easier to program, I installed a interrupt routine on int 0x74, and started waiting for something to happen. But nothing happened. Asking my friends I found out that I had to enable something in the Keyboard Controller, but no one knew what. Then I tried the serial mouse. The same story (with other interrupts, ofcourse). One more thing: if I install another mouse driver, and then mine, it all works. This makes me think that I''m not making some init''s right (at the moment I''m not making any init''s at all...) Does anybody know what I have to do to make my driver work? If I ask about USB mouse, I''m exagerating, right? Have FUN, FILI

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