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Ray Rectangle Intersections

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Recently I have been tinkering with Quad BSP Trees. See my web site for a number of visual example apps. The Reason I have been playing around with Quad BSP Trees, is to better under stand how DOOM determined what walls it had to draw on screen. That and my interest in the Doom.NET project I have just wrote a simple app that I would like people to try out and pick apart to determin if it really is working at the speed that it is. As far as I can tell it''s un-testably fast. Which is why I am posting it for people to pick apard and find anything wrong with it. The source is written in and contains the *.exe. To operate the app ... Left mouse button sets ray start right mouse button sets ray end "T" starts the time recorder "D" displays the average calculation time info etc. Is this method the fasted possible? Is it 100% acurate? Am I missing something? Please let me know! You can find the file (RayRect Intersect here ------------------ Created by: X

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