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What books would you guys recommend I read to learn C?? I''m already reading Teach Yourself C by Herbert Schildt (I think that''s his name), but I want to learn about Windows programming, and using images in C. I have read another full book and part of another book, and neither book mentioned images - all they mentioned was making things in DOS windows. *********************************************

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<< but I want to learn about Windows programming, and using images in C >>

This gets asked a million times in a million different ways. The best place to start is checking out all the articles and resources available on this site. See the links up top. The For Beginners section is great

For Beginners

The image (i.e. graphics) stuff can be done using C/C++ with either (1) Windows GDI, (2) DirectX (DirectDraw, or Direct3D), or (3) OpenGL, or a combination. But you don't have to use C/C++, you can use Visual Basic, or DarkBasic, or other languages. But C/C++ is what the "pros" use.

I'm at part (1) teaching myself Win GDI, which are just calls to functions to plot pixels, draw rects, ellipses, and bitmaps to the screen. You also need to know the concept of Win32 programming: WinMain, WinProc, and handle to a window (HWND) and instance (HINSTANCE), handle to a device context (HDC), handle to a bitmap, also the concept of "back buffer" for smooth animation, etc. There are a lot of other things to learn (physics, math, 3D, etc). The best book to start with is Lamothe's Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus (2nd edition, 2002). He teaches all the "essentials" for 2D games in this book and in an entertaining way. Very thorough.

Here is your bare minimum Game Loop with a WinMain, WinProc, and shows where functions GameInit, GameMain, and GameQuit should be called


But first you really need to know C/C++. You need at least to understand fully the concept of variables, loops, arrays, conditionals (if), structs/classes, and functions, and how to solve problems using those. Also know the structure of your basic Game Loop (covered in Lamothe). THEN you can begin Win32 and graphics stuff.

That's why most folks suggest doing a few DOS console apps, or text games first to make sure you know the C/C++ language well enough. I've been programming off and on for 20 years, but just started Win32 early this year. I have a few demos here.


Phil P

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