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Client and Server task sharing

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I am in the process of writing a simple game for the purpose of multiplayer gaming and I was wondering if anyone can advise me. My problem is that I''m wondering how much of the game''s logic should be piled on the server side. I have heard that the server should do everything and merely send entity positions/status to the clients, the clients in this setup would just render the current state as seen from the player''s perspective. Also in this setup as far as the server is concerned they need never get any messages from the client (but this defies the server-push rule). To me this seems like a lot of stuff to do for one machine. How do games like Tribes 2 and MMORPGs manage the data with the 64 to 10,000 number of players? Also if some games aren''t running dedicated server then they also have to do the rendering on the server machine. I guess I''m looking for suggestions/advice, how should the game logic (physics, AI, collision detection, etc...) be distributed between the server and client?

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