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Scene Management

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Hi, I''m working on a demo to show real-time lighting and shadows, but I have the though of expanding it to a full-fledged engine for a 3rd person perspective RPG (like neverwinter nights or everquest). So I was wondering about the level storage format I should use and how should I manage the scene. First question - How do I keep track of the entities in a level? Using a linked list? I mean, if I wanted to move them around, make them stick to an AI script, make them do their own collision detection and so on... How do I keep track of all these entities when the game is running? Second question - What''s the difference between scene graphs and BSP? Which one is more suitable for a project that mostly shows indoors? I heard that in Neverwinter nights, Quake and so on use BSP-trees or variants of it... Any games using Octrees or others (excluding portals) for scene storing? -LZ "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only Light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only Love can do that."

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