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After Java3D: Where now?

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My experience of 3d programming has been limited to Java3D. I know the Java language very well and found Java3D an easy API to pick up. However, using such a high-level API has perhaps sheilded me from some of the raw fundamentals of 3d programming. Plus using an interpreted language doesn''t help performance issues. The future of Java3d is now questionable; where should I go from here? I have some general C++ experience so would be willing to give a C++ API a go, which would hopefully result in improved performance. Can anyone suggest where I should begin? Thanks -------------------------------------------- How come my sister has 3 brothers and I''''ve only got 2?

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I know the Java language very well ... Plus using an interpreted language

Anyone else see the contradiction here? (hint, all popular Java VMs have used JIT-compilers since about 1997)

Anyway, you can go with OpenGL or DirectX from C++ or OpenGL from Java (not necessarily any lanuage-dependent difference in performance since many graphical apps are GPU-bound rather than CPU-bound).

There are also better-performing open source alternatives to Java3D, such as Xith3D over at Javagaming.org, but go with OpenGL if you want to learn manual polygon pushing. If you want to learn really low-level 3D-graphics you should write a software renderer.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Java3D is pretty much like Open GL.

(For software rendering and Java. Check out http://www.sumea.com -> goodies for some cool demos)


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