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[java] How do I use DirectX with Java?

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Does anyone know where I can find the libraries required for programming with DirectX in Java or a site with instructions on using it? Thanks for any help you can give me, Rajiv

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A long time ago, i''ve seen such a library, from microsoft i believe. it''s ages ago. If i remember right, it was called JdirectX, but there was no hit on google, so i suppose it has been abandonned/removed.
There are maybe 2 ways to get it:
-Taking an "amateur" binding to directX, which has no guarantee and usually have developpement lacks.
-Maybe tricking around could make the j# libs for managed DX usable, i''ve no idea, it''s maybe impossible, i don''t know, it''s just an idea.
Else than that, i don''t know how it could be done (exept making your own binding, but that''s too much work).

Otherwise, there are many good alternatives of any kind:
For the quick and easy, there is javanerd''s api
For the officialy used, look at the java media api
For the low-level access fan, there is a SDL port (still under developpement...)

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