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blending problem

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penetrator    122
I have a alpha channel blended texture. If i enable GL_COLOR_MATERIAL, i''m able to colr the texture with several combinations (i''m able to color it in red, green etc), but how can i color it in white ? If i use glColor4f(1,1,1,1) it just shows the texture like it is (i.e. showing transparent and non-transparent areas)...

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Corrail    133
When you use textureing with lighting all the texture values are multiplied by the lighting value. If you pass a color through color material (for example Red = (1,0,0,1)) the green and blue values of the texture are then 0 (because they''re multiplied by 0). So the texture seems to appear Red. If you use a color of (1,1,1,1) the result of the multiplication is equal to the texture values so the result looks like the texture.


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