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I know OOP but i don't know OOT?

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Hi, How can i start my first step in developing a system applying OOT concept? I write a lot of OO programs but i do not have confidence to tell people that i know OO. What is the different between OO apporach and structure apporach? I always hear from people that use object view to think/analysis the system. Is it mean OOT? I know OO is inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation but i don''t think that is the whole things oof OO. I think OOT is something related to how to solve a problem in a more independent way within different areas. Put more focus on the domain problem, not focus on how to do it internally. It seem fade out the implementation phase in the analysis and design phase. We do not need to know how the data store. It maybe the abstraction effect. Also, i think OOT is somehting related with reusable, robust.... What do you think? Can share in here? OK, go back to my question. What is the first of developing a system using OOT?

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I think your trying to discuss the difference between OOP and OOD
(fyi.: OO-Programming, OO-Design)

Many programmers understand the mechanics of OOP and use them to their advantage and to their peril.

Few use a sound OOD. They usually program themselves into a corner and a their code base becomes just as difficult to maintain and expand on as a non-OO program.

IMHO, OO is not that important for "desktop" games because a game seems to be a one (or two) shot deal for most development shops. There is really no year in and year out maintenance of the code base like there is in an enterprise application. But OO will become (if it hasn''t already) more and more important for the massive multi player games because the code will need to be modified, upgraded, and maintained for long periods of time...

Maintenance and re-use is OO''s bread and butter... If that isn''t important to your project, then OO is not important.

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