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I need some tutorials on reading/writing from a file

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I''m trying to make an address book or hangman or something but those all require reading and writing from a file. Can somebody point me in the right direction for that? I''ve got the C++ Programming Language but I haven''t read that part yet of streams and I/O.
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There are many ways to read from a file, it depends on the situation.

In your examples of an address book, a database would actually be more desireable. For a nice free one, look into MySQL.

And if you have a book (That''s what I assume you meant by "I''ve got the C++ Programming Language". You didn''t actually mention a book, just hinted at it by using a verb associated with books), but haven''t read the section on file I/O yet, then why are you here? Generally, one exhausts their resources on hand trying to find the solution themselve before they come here as a last resort.

In C, look up FILE, fopen, fscanf, fprintf, and fclose
In C++, look up ifstream and ofstream (stands for ''in file stream'' and ''out file stream'', not ''if stream'' and ''of stream'').

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