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Odd inconsistency with <<.

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Krylloan    142
    unsigned int thirtyTwo = 32;
    printf("%08x %08x", 0xFF0FFF0F << 32, 0xFF0FFF0F << thirtyTwo);
- Compiled with VC++ 6.0 for x86. - Run on AMD XP1700+. results: 00000000 ff0fff0f results for 33: 00000000 fe1ffe1e There is obviously little that can be done with a compiler if the underlying architecture specifies: VAL << INT = VAL << (INT & (POINTER_SIZE - 1)). unless you want a big speed reduction. Any ideas which result is ANSI-C-correct. I''m assuming ffffffff is x86-correct, otherwise AMD''d be in big trouble. I''m using an annoying workaround at the moment, cos it''s in a time-critical section of my code.

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C-Junkie    1099
left shift by 32 is undefined on 32bit architectures, I believe...

The "correct" value is 0, since you shift all the bits right off the end.

the work around is to do ((x << 16) << 16)

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