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New keyboard input problem, HELP!!!

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JIMbond21    122
I figured out how to use the GetKeyboardState and GetKeyState functions, but when I use this method below to determine if a key is currently pressed it acts like the keys are toggled and makes the object that uses the x and y values keep moving and reverse direction if I hit the different keys. if(GetKeyState(VK_UP)){ y -= 1; } if(GetKeyState(VK_DOWN)){ y += 1; } if(GetKeyState(VK_RIGHT)){ x += 1; } if(GetKeyState(VK_LEFT)){ x -= 1; } On the MSDN website under these functions it talks about the return values and about a high order bit and a low order one that determines whether the key is toggled or pressed, I cant figure out how to determine just if its pressed, without using the message handler, PLZ HELP. THX, JAP

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JY    289
You need to check the individual bits of the returned SHORT to see the state of the key.

For example, if you just want to know if it''s down - you need to check that the highest bit is set:

if (GetAsyncKeyState(VK_UP) & 0x8000) {

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