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in game scheduler

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Hello everybody, Does somebody know where i can find some good resources about programming a scheduler for a game under win32. I want to create a more complex scheduler than a simple round robin. Thanks in advance, Plotark

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More advanced in what way?

I think you should start out with an easy system, then just add the features you want, like extra data or something.

Petter Nordlander

"There are only 10 kinds of people in the world. The who understand binary and those who don''t"

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I have this approach: I give each subsystem a priority, and in the game loop, I run the highest priority tasks. If enough time is left to maintain a constant frame rate, then I run lower priority tasks. But if a certain amount of time has passed since a task has been last run, say 5 frames, then I temporarily increase the priority so that it definitely runs next frame.

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Thanks for your answers.
In fact the thing i don''t know is how to schedule periodic events with my task
manager. For instance my manager is just programmed in a round robin way, it''s
just a loop like:

For each Task


I want to perform the RenderTask->Update only every 33 ms in order to have a
constant frame rate and to use idle time. But i don''t how to schedule this event under win32.
Any idea?

Perhaps i can have another approach with this problem by using two threads and
the concept of producer and consummer. By using a blit queue like the one presented
by Robert Dunlop (http://www.mvps.org/directx/articles/using_a_blit_queue.htm).
In one thread i have my simple scheduler that update the game and post the
region to blit and in another thread there is a loop like this one:


if(frameReady and (currentTime - lastTime)>33ms))
Flip() (I use DirectDraw)

Perhaps I''m still to young (in game programming) to know whether it''s a realistic approach or not.

Thanks in advance


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