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Edge of the world looks awful even with a skybox!

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I''m running a heightmapped terrain, predominantly for islands. I do a standard skybox but still at the edge of the map you can see the land just stops. Worse, I''m using a large transparent poly as a water layer and this moves up and down relative to the skybox as your height changes - the mountains in the distance can go underwater apparently! Additionally you can also see the edges of the ocean. So what I think I want to do is make a hybrid between skybox and normal techniques. So in the x/z plane the ocean plane goes off to the horizon but heightwise it stays at a fixed height relative to the world. It boils down to zeroing out some matrix elements I think but which?

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Well, I wouldn''t recommend using a fog per se. Instead, use the fog function to create a light haze, which can look very realistic.


Also, don''t be afraid to draw a lot of objects at low detail, which should make the edge of the world farther away. You might give up a few FPS, but it might be worth it if it makes your world look better.

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