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Windows Cursors

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How would I go about creating a color (Windows GDI) cursor at runtime from a bitmap? The cursor cannot be loaded from a resource file. It must be generated at runtime. I also cannot draw the cursor as part of the scene as the framerate is too low. Thanks in advance!

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Here''s my findings on cursors and DirectX:

When using a black and white cursor, (like the standard arrow cursor for example), if you are running fullscreen, the cursor may or may not flicker depending upon the video card. For example, I developed a game and since the cursor looked fine on my computer I assumed it was fine. When a friend tried it out, the cursor flashed badly...

Also, whenever I tried using a colored cursor, it flashed on ANY computer.

Once again, this is only if you''re running fullscreen - maybe also with flipping surfaces.

I can''t say how to do it in C++ - this was a couple years ago when I was using VB and DirectDraw.

Hope this helps somewhat... your only option might be to manually draw the cursor.


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i don''t know whether you can use this or not, but there is a function called
HCURSOR LoadCursorFromFile(LPCTSTR lpFileName);
it loads a cursor from a file, the file must be in .cur or .ani format. go figure...
heres another one, a LOT more complicated:HANDLE LoadImage(

HINSTANCE hinst, // handle of the instance containing the image
LPCTSTR lpszName, // name or identifier of image
UINT uType, // type of image
int cxDesired, // desired width
int cyDesired, // desired height
UINT fuLoad // load flags

from what i can tell (i got this from MSDN) you have to pass NULL as your hinstance so it doesn''t try to load it as a resource.
lpszName is the file name to load from.
uType should be IMAGE_CURSOR.
cxDesired and cyDesired are the x and y sizes of the cursor, use SM_CXCURSOR or SM_CYCURSOR for the defaults.
fuLoad (hehe) should be LR_LOADFROMFILE to load from a file.
happy codin, hope i helped.

Sometimes even chickens need to eat... Don't bang your head against a wall just to enjoy the good feeling when you stop.

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Thanks for the tips guys. For now I guess I''ll write the cursor to disk as a bitmap and then call loadImage on it.

If anyone else knows how to convert a bitmap to a cursor in RAM, that''d be great.

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If you have mouse trails on (Control Panel->Mouse) Your mouse may flicker in full screen mode.

Carpe Diem

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Thanks for the tip on LoadImage(). Starting from there, I looked around for a while, and finally stumbled upon CopyImage(). It looks like I can use that similarly to LoadImage(), except I can specify to copy a bitmap into a new cursor.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I have recently wroten a test program to show a series of cursors
under DirectDraw in VC++ with DirectX 7.0.
I can''t figure out what the cursor ''flashes'' is in your computer.
In my case, the cursor flash because I forgot to registe the class cursor as NULL. As a result, the cursor return to the system default one when mouse move, even though you have called the SetCursor(). And then, the cursor flashes....
After I registe the class cursor as NULL, this problem is disappear..

That''s my condition....

Hopes that would help you and sorry about my poor English..


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