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Implementing 2 Scripting Systems.....

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snk_kid    1312
I''ve read somewhere that normally its not a good idea to let a genral scripting system be used to for scripting the AI of a game, i had this idea for the AI Subsystem of a game engine to have a scripting systems that uses CLISP language. I was wondering is this a viable option to have 2 scripting systems? does this sound silly? like some view and opionions please thanks

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JTippetts    12949
I believe that if you wish to implement AI in script, go right ahead. Just be very careful that your AI scripts are not called every game tick, or in a fashion that will affect your framerate.

I find it very easy to add new monster behaviors to my game by just writing a new script for it''s Think() hook, which is called on a basis which takes into consideration distance from the player (farther away means fewer Think() calls made), and which also is dependent on a revolving schedule to keep every monster from Think()-ing in the same update. I have access to a large number of functions implemented within the engine which can be called by the AI script (things along the lines of FindNearestEnemy() etc...). A script such as:


is not really so troublesome a thing to call in a Think() cycle. Beware of scripts that do complicated logic and a lot of extraneous stuff that would be faster if implemented in the engine, as that can slow you down.

I think it would unnecessarily complicate things to make use of TWO scripting languages in one project; find one you are comfy with, one which suits both tasks you wish to implement, and try to find a happy medium between AI implemented in script and AI implemented in engine.

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JohnBolton    1372
Do you actually want to implement a LISP-based scripting system for your AI. It sounds to me like what you really want is to use LISP to implement your AI. You need to figure out a way to link the LISP code with the rest of the game code. That is not necessarily the same as using a LISP-based scripting system.

Generally, the purpose of a scripting system is to provide a simplified programming environment for implementing game logic. Also, it is usually important that the systems operates (as if it is) in a different thread. There are major pros and cons for using scripts that cannot be generalized to every game. So, without knowing the details of your game, nobody can tell you if want you want to do is good or bad.

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