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maxd gaming

What best software?

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maxd gaming    100
Besides Fruityloops... what is the best music creation software...(midi) i have genneral music knowledge but am not interested in a looping program dont worry bout compatability

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wiggly-worm    122
best music creation software? How long is a piece of string?

What kind of music creation do you intend to do?
everyone has a different opinion so prepare to get lots of conflicting advice....

My own humble opinion is:
check out Reason (, it is way better than fruityloops, very easy to use in almost any style, and sounds wicked. I use it on almost all my stuff. usually in conjuction with cubase, so I effectively treat it as a sound module. But it does work very well as a stand alone program.

------------------------------------------- - Media Music Factory...

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theZapper    150
Fruity Loops, in my opinion, is a rubbish program made for kids to churn out dance clones of every other dance track out there.
But I'm comparing it to Reason (as above), which is awesome. The sheer power Reason gives you is amazing. It can handle MIDI input, will sync to Cubase, and is simple to use. (Also, the Chemical Brothers use it on stage).

I also use Sonar (Cakewalk), which is a different type of sequencer to Reason, and similar to Cubase and Logic. It's a full MIDI/Audio recording/editing/mixing/Score Printing setup.
I Don't like Cubase much, but that's just personal preference on the interface, i'm sure it's still a great program.

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