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grrr... combo box doesn't drop down

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Hi, I''m trying to add some items to my combo box on my win32 dialog like this: SendMessage(GetDlgItem(g_hWnd,IDC_COMBOBOX),CB_ADDSTRING,0,(LONG) (LPSTR) "hahahha"); The problem I''m having though is that when I click the arrow on my combo box, the list doesn''t drop down. There''s a little piece of a list that looks like it drops down, but it looks as if it''s maybe two pixels high becaues there''s nothing in it. However, if I click the combo box and use my arrow keys, I can go through all my items like that (but it still doesn''t drop down). Is there something I have to do in the parent window''s paint function or something? (no, my combo box isn''t owner drawn) Btw, it''s set as a Drop List, but I''ve tried the dropdown and simple styles and it still doesn''t work. Any help would be appriciated Thanks, Matt

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this one got me for ages....

in the resource editor, click on the down arrow in the list and then stretch the box (it''s invisible, you can only pull down the size marker) to the size you want. If you don''t do this, the box drops to a height of 0 pixels!!

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Is this a remake ????!!!!!! The same question had already been asked here with the very same words. Don''t tell me I''m booby, I was the one that answered it, the sentence was the same one.
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