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Well, there''s Adobe Premiere, Macromedia Director, Final Cut Pro and a host of other video compositing/editing programs that you can find out there. What type of intro? 2D or 3D? For 2D you can use a program like US Animation or AXA to composite and export as Avi''s targa sequences etc. which can be taken into the other programs and strung together with effects and such.


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You will need a variety of apps for those cut scenes. I assume that you want to create a 3d mini movie. For it you will need an app for 3D modeling/animation, an app for music, voices, and sound and video editing app to bring it all together.

I recommend Blender ( for the creation of the 3d animated clips. It has all the tools you need. It even has post production sequence editor that will allow you mix and match your video clips.

For sound effects, go to your nearest Wal-Mart and buy one of those 1000 sound effects CDs for $10.00. You can manipulate them later to fit your project.

For audio I recommend Screenblast Acid ( This program makes it easy for non musicians to create decent music. It also has nice voice recording features. It also has wave form editing programming which is needed to maniupulate sound effects. This is the only app that costs any real money, it was $59 when I bought mine.

You will still need a video editor to combine your video and audio I use Virtual Dub, but its not very user friendly. Powerful, but not easy. I can''t remember the url, but its hosted at

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