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SDI questions.. win32 style

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drarem    100
I made a small windoze class, which gets created/ran by this:
int WINAPI WinMain (HINSTANCE hThis, HINSTANCE hPrev, LPSTR lpszArg, int nFunsterStil) {
    WINAPP.winmain(hThis, hPrev, lpszArg, nFunsterStil);

which contains the winproc and static callback function.. when i try something like: WINAPP.winmain(hThis, hPrev, lpszArg, nFunsterStil); WINAPP2.winmain(hThis, hPrev, lpszArg, nFunsterStil); I only get one window, or perhaps two on the same hInstance..hmmm hThis,hPrev.. do I make a hNext to make a new window, and if so how? I fseek, therefore I fam.

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