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Im 14 years old and i have been programming in c++ for few days now (ive just leart about arrays). I would love to go into game development and create my own games. Tips and pointers from the experts who have already made it would be highly appreciated Thanx

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The design process involved in making a game is often something I feel is easy to "overlook" (deliberately). This also applies to other forms of application development; the problem is the same - producing design documents down to every last detail, just isn''t fun. However, it is a *very* important aspect of application development, but I''d stress that it''s probably even more important in terms of game design, because the topic is so diverse and so complex.

What I''m trying to say, is that whilst you can easily avoid producing any kind of design documents for your own personal projects, is that if you wish to get a job in the industry (and improve your own code design), is that you produce those design documents.

Learn about stepwise refinement, flow-charting and possibly even UML (Unified Modeling Language).

You could be the best coder in the world, but if your design skills suck, your implementation will most likely be in a similar fashion.

Click the For Beginners link at the top of the page, under Resources, and have a read of a few of the articles there. Once you feel your coding skills are at a level where you could have a go at making your first game, have a go at making Tetris. Don''t just code it though, *design* it as well.

Most importantly though, have fun. It''s much easier to take in information, and more importantly remember it, if you are relaxed. It''s not going to be easy getting to be a Game Developer (hell, I''m only starting out on this road myself), but remember that participating in the journey is more fun than the destination.


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