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mark sandles

inputting numbers

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mark sandles    122
i have been working on some simple maths games where the user must input numbers , but i have noticed if the user types a letter it messes the program up.
int main(void)
	cout << "Enter a number" << endl;

	int number = 0;

	cin >> number;
	cout << number << endl;

Do i have to read the numbers in as an array of chars then check each index for a letter to make the program not crash or is there an easier way? Thanks [edited by - Mark Sandles on August 14, 2003 12:11:28 PM] [edited by - Mark Sandles on August 14, 2003 12:12:16 PM]

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hellz    356
I had this problem as well. When you try to assign a char to an integer, cin seems to produce an error (which I think is odd, being as characters are represented as integers internally, and are even used interchangeably in many situations). To fix it, I do something like the following:

/* While the input isn''t valid... */
while (!(cin >> number))
/* Clear the error from the stream. */
/* Keep looping through the stream until a newline is reached. */
while (cin.get() != ''\n'')

Seems to work quite well. Used that in my Tic-Tac-Toe game I made this week.

Hope that helps,


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