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Globalize my own class objects...

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Hi, Been playing around more with my first bomberman game engine. I noticed that when I want to globally (putting it just a little below the header includes with the DirectDraw stuff) declare some objects of classes that I created I can''t and get this error: Compiling... engine.cpp engine.cpp(45) : error C2143: syntax error : missing '';'' before ''.'' engine.cpp(45) : error C2501: ''g_map'' : missing storage-class or type specifiers engine.cpp(45) : error C2371: ''g_map'' : redefinition; different basic types engine.cpp(44) : see declaration of ''g_map'' engine.cpp(45) : error C2143: syntax error : missing '';'' before ''.'' Error executing cl.exe. Engine.exe - 4 error(s), 0 warning(s) Basically, this error will be gone if I decide to declare my map objects within a function, such as the main loop. But this doesn''t make sense because I don''t want a new map on every loop right? I have a Constructor that takes the map width and height, a destructor which properly deletes allocated memory and a copy constructor that can do deep copies defined (2d arrays). What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

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Sorry bout that hehe

// Bitmap surfaces used for blitting
// Map bitmaps
CSurface *g_WallBit = NULL; // Wall tile bitmap
CSurface *g_PathBit = NULL; // Path tile bitmap
CSurface *g_BlockBit = NULL; // Block tile bitmap

// Player bitmaps
CSurface *g_UpBit = NULL; // Up bitmap
CSurface *g_DownBit = NULL; // Down bitmap
CSurface *g_RightBit = NULL; // Right bitmap
CSurface *g_LeftBit = NULL; // Left bitmap
CSurface *g_DudeBit = NULL;// Dude bitmap

<============== this first part to let you see where I placed my global game elements, right below directdraw stuff

// Global game elements
int g_mapSize = 7;
static BomberMap g_map = BomberMap(g_mapSize,g_mapSize); // Create a 7x7 map grid
g_map.GenerateStandardMap(); // Set tiles in there
int g_tileSpace = 64; // Tile spacing value used to draw tiles properly

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Thanks for your reply. For some reason pointers did the trick. I tried your method and it worked but for some reason the default zero data was initialized in there. Must be something wrong wth my copy constructor. Hmmmm.

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