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Returning char* from a function. Strange.

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log->WriteNoEcho("Renderer : %s",output_string);

void CRenderer::GetRendererInfo(char *str)
	str = (char*)glGetString(GL_VENDOR);
Please help me figure out why this crashes. The compiler likes it, but when I go to run it, things go a bit icky. If I check the contents of ''str'' at point ''-x-'', I get ''ATI Technologies, INC.'' as expected, but it crashes in the loh-> line above. My basic string handling is very poor, and I''m still trial-and-error-ing my way through pointers, so I''m sure that''s the problem. None of my books have exactly the same problem in, and this code is identical to some I found doing a forum search through these pages.

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It is crashing because output_string is passed BY VALUE to the GetRendererInfo() function. That means a copy of the output_string pointer value is sent to the function. In GetRendererInfo() you are changing the value of the LOCAL COPY of output_string (str) to be equal to the pointer returned by glGetString, but this does not modify the original pointer (output_string).

A better method would be to pass a pointer to output_string (char **str) to GetRendererInfo(), and change the line to *str=(char *)glGetString(GL_VENDOR).

void CRenderer::GetRendererInfo(char **str)
*str=(char *)glGetString(GL_VENDOR);

log->WriteNoEcho("Renderer : %s", output_string);

Hope this helps

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Josh, you sir, are my new best friend! Have a cookie!

It works perfectly now, thank you. I was screwed up on the ''copy of the pointer'' bit. I thought I was going in the right direction by considering ''&str'', but couldn''t get it right.

Happy now! Thanks again!

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