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TreeView_GetItem not working?

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hndl = TreeView_GetChild(GetDlgItem(g_hWnd,IDC_REORGANIZE_BEEN),parent);
TVITEM item;
// add this item to our list control.

item.hItem = hndl;
item.mask = TVIF_TEXT;
I''m trying to get the pszText member from a tree-view control. parent is an HTREEITEM that was returned from the TreeView_InsertItem that created my root item. (However, I have tried TreeView_GetRoot in place of parent and stil won''t work). This isnt working though, TreeView_GetItem is returning false. Am I not setting something in my item object that I should before I call TreeView_GetItem? Thanks

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Make sure that the pszText member points to a string to hold the result. You will also need to set cchTextMax. Platform SDK docs have the details.

- Timothy S

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