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Great Milenko

Painfuly slooooow DX Blts

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In fullscreen mode everything is fine... but in windowed mode there unbelivably slow even blt to offscreen surfaces... I''ve got it to move a bitmap inrelation to mouse movements(Using DInput) I count to about 10 then it moves to the new location I do have a delay set of 20ms on windowed flip(blt)... I''ve tried changing it to high and lower vaules... and I''ve also take out the delay completely.... still no improvements.... heres my blt snipit: m_psurface->Blt(&app->m_window,m_surface,&rect,DDBLT_WAIT,NULL); and I clear the back buffer like this: m_surface->Blt(NULL,NULL,NULL,DDBLT_COLORFILL/DDBLT_WAIT,&fx); even if I take out the DDBLT_WAIT it still is slow as hell... and ideas...? Great Milenko

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I am not shure if it makes such an big improvement, but you don''t need to clear the Backbuffer, if you only Blit an image from there to the Frontbuffer. If you always use the same image, then Blit it directly to the Frontbuffer, and if you change the whole contents of the Area you are Blitting to the Front, you don''t need to Clear everything also, just clear the rectangle you ar blitting.
The Blits itself shouldn''t be very slow, for my app it makes no difference if i flip or blit.
You should check if everything is in Videomemory, maybe your GDI Resolution is that high, that the Backbuffer doesn''t fit into Vidmem anymore. Maybe i someone can give you detailed Infos when you post your System Specs.


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