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Ok, you know morrowind and fable and other game where the player decides how the char turns out to be and gets to choose what the char does, how do they write a game like that out? [edited by - icemallet on August 15, 2003 3:39:02 AM]

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I''ve not played Fable (obviously) so I can''t comment on how dynamic it is in nature. If it is as dynamic as I suspect - hope (it is Petey Molyneux after all) - then I''m not sure the game actually has an end, as such. Morrowind on the other hand has a linear plot and an ultimate goal, but it doesn''t have to be achieved.

Based on that, I think theFable story would have been developed in a different way than Morrowind. Fable has a beginning - similar to Conan in that his parents are wiped out in a village fire started by some nasty barbarians - a middle, which is the part you play out, but I''m not so sure on the end. The ending would, I assume, be completely dynamic to the path the player decides to take (ultimate evil, conqueror, hero??). Regardless of the ending, the story won''t be written - that''s up to the player - but the characters and environment around him would have been.

Morrowind on the other hand has a linear plot travelling through it, which can be solved in a number of ways, but they all eventually end up at the killing of some evil chap in a mountain. This part of the story would more than likely have been written. And again, like Fable, the characters and environment around the player would also have been developed. However, you can choose not to complete the linear course and follow sub-plots or just run around and try and be what you want to be (with limits). Even once you''ve completed Morrowind - killed the chap in the mountain - you can continue on the little sub-stories, or you can just become an aimless wanderer. Morrowind also has expansion - Tribunal and Blood Moon - that extend the story and were developed in a similar way to the main Morrowind plot, but you don''t have to complete the main plot in order to play the expansions.

So in order to create games like this, it''s more a question of detailing the environment, characters, and the possibility of sub-stories within the game and, depending on how dynamic the game is, develop a main storyline that the character can follow should they wish. IMO.



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