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change direction velocity

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Hi, I''m having a problem getting my head around changing direction of my object(a car). It has an x and y co-ordinate, and a x velocity, and y velocity. I also have a speed. How do I work out the x and y velocities when they change when the left and right keys are changed? Many thanks Nick Swan

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Let''s talk about acceleration.

When no keys are being pressed, the car moves at a constant speed. It does not accelerate (or decelerate, which is negative acceleration).

When a key is pressed, an acceleration happens. The velocity changes more the longer you hold the key.

If at the moment you have


then all you need to add is


and you set ''ax'' and ''ay'' depending on the direction you want to accelerate in.

If you want to go even further, you can use the equation


to calculate the accleration based on the mass of the car and the force the engine is applying to it... though a car turning is a little different to traditional ''car-crash'' physics, if that''s what you''re aiming for.

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It''s when the car is turning that i have a problem. I''ve tried using code found from LaMothes book:

//in game innit
// create the 16 sector sin, cos lookup
int ang;
for (ang=0; ang < 16; ang++)
float fang = PI*(ang*22.5)/180;

cos_look16[ang] = -cos(fang+PI/2);
sin_look16[ang] = -sin(fang+PI/2);

} // end for ang

//in game main
//change the speed of the car
cars[0].speed = 1;
cars[0].speed = 0;

//change the y and x velocities

if(--cars[0].direction < 0)
cars[0].direction = 15;

if(++cars[0].direction > 15)
cars[0].direction = 0;

if(cars[0].speed == 1)
cars[0].yv = sin_look16[cars[0].direction] * cars[0].speed;
cars[0].y =cars[0].y - cars[0].yv;

cars[0].xv = cos_look16[cars[0].direction] * cars[0].speed;
cars[0].x = cars[0].x - cars[0].xv;

unfortunately the car doesn''t move forwards or backwards let alone left or right!

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